Following the launch of Google’s ‘strike-based’ ad policy violation system, the search provider has released details of a tool to help advertisers to audit accounts for disapproved ads at scale.

The Python-based tool will help advertisers to audit Google Ads accounts, find ads that have been disapproved and can export or delete offending ads.

Stike-based system

Launched in September 2021, Google’s strike-based system now means that repeat violations of Google’s advertising policies will result in ‘strikes’ being handed out to advertisers.

The first and second strikes will result in a temporary suspension of advertising activities whilst a third strike will deliver an account suspension.

Google has said that ad policies will be reviewed and updated periodically, with current violations including ‘enabling dishonest information’.

As financial services and fintech are heavily regulated areas, advertisers in these verticals can expect to have specific requirements placed upon them.

Auditing at scale

Google has said that the so-called ‘bowling tool’ will enable advertisers running multiple accounts with billions of keywords to audit ads against ad policies at scale.

Where an advertiser is at risk of receiving a strike, the new tool can export and even delete disapproved ads, therefore reducing the risk of accounts being inadvertently suspended.

The tool will run using a Python script in either ‘audit mode’ or ‘remove mode’ and will require some technical setup for advertising teams to implement.