Analysis: These are “unprecedented” times in online search

"Unprecedented" is the word of the year so far. Don't believe me? Just take a look at this Google Trends data:

Desktop search increasing during the pandemic

The number of searches taking place on desktop devices is increasing as the current pandemic unfolds, says Microsoft Advertising's Corporate Vice President,...

Google says ‘be careful’ when using infinite scroll content

Google Developer Relations representative, Martin Splitt has encouraged website owners to use Google's testing tools before relying on so-called 'infinite scroll' features...

Apple’s Safari browser blocking third-party cookies

Apple has introduced third-party cookie blocking in its devices' default browser, Safari. The new update, part of a feature...

Analysis: How are the banks responding to COVID-19?

It has been a week that began with Prime Minister, Boris Johnson addressing the nation with instruction that would have fit more...

RBS launches digital banking brand, Bó

RBS has launched a cloud-based digital banking brand called Bó. The brand, fronted with a bright yellow Visa card...