“Unprecedented” is the word of the year so far. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this Google Trends data:

What that shows us is that searches for the word “unprecedented” are higher than ever before.

The same goes for these:

These aren’t just small increases, they are huge, never-before-seen increases in demand for key financial services.

The word ‘unprecedented’ is over-used at the moment, but who can blame anyone?

Being visible is more important than ever

Thinking about marketing a financial product or service when the world is seemingly at war with a virus, battling to keep health care services in operation in the face of huge demand feels a little uncouth, but like it or not, now, more than ever, financial brands should be thinking search-first.

Only this week, Microsoft Advertising big cheese, Rik van der Kooi urged people to spend marketing budget on Microsoft’s search advertising platform. His reason makes a lot of sense, we face the perfect scenario; there’s increased demand, more people are spending more (never-before-had) spare time searching for topics whilst a number of brands are nervously cutting marketing costs as they face the business equivalent of kryptonite; uncertainty.

The net result – more eyes, less competition.

The data is clear, people are in need of financial products, support, information and services. The search terms I’ve highlighted above are examples, there are surely many more.

Now is the time for marketers to invest in understanding the changes to their market. Market research that focusses on uncovering where the customer demand lies is more important than at most times.

Content is the currency of the web and without the right answers, financial brands will be left poorer. The brands who invest in understanding the questions and providing the answers will be the ones who thrive when the war is finally declared won.


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