SEO software provider, SEOmonitor has launched a tool for tracking changing online search trends in line with COVID-19.

The move is an attempt to understand where demand in search is increasing due to the pandemic and where increases are only seasonal.

The tool brings together US and UK market data from Google Ad’s Keyword Tool and SEOmonitor’s Topics tool.

SEOmonitor has announced that it plans to add data for March 2020 in early April which will enable marketers to review how online search is being impacted with more recent data.

Analysis – early insights

There are already some fascinating insights coming from this new tool. Searches for the topic, ‘mortgage’ are up by 64% since February 2019.

The search term, ‘financial advice’ has increased from 27k monthly online searches to over 33k, an increase of 22%.

Likewise, online searches around the topic of ‘insurance’ have increased by 30% to almost 4m monthly searches.

Monitoring online search data has always been an important way of understanding customer demand for financial products and services, but it’s now arguably more important to the success of organisations than ever.

Tracking year-on-year data can equip firms to respond to increases in product and service demand. The data can help brands to launch content marketing initiatives, refine strategic decisions and plan media spend.


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