The ID Register, a service that enables investors to create a secure online ‘passport’, has spun out from its parent company, Apex Group Ltd in a management buyout.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Guernsey, The ID Register has plans to become the central clearinghouse for KYC (know your customer) and investor onboarding.

The platform boasts 25,000 investor profiles and enables each investor to control their own information in a profile, which, once approved, they can connect to their investments and service providers like a ‘passport’.

Funds use these approved profiles to launch more quickly with support from The ID Register’s team.

Following its spin-out from Apex Group, The ID Register will expand its partners and clients; extend its regulated services and invest in support of its technology and operating model.

Speaking via a press release, the firm’s founder, Tim Andrews said, “a one-and-done subscription and KYC solution provides an obvious advantage for investors, fund managers and service providers alike, especially in a post-pandemic world where technology underpins great service and efficiency.

“[We] will now invest for growth as we increase the pace of our technology development; become regulated, and extend the depth and range of our services.”