Google is launching a new podcast that promises to reveal “behind the scenes insights into what goes on at Google when it comes to search and the communications around search”, according to Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller.

Announced yesterday via the Google Webmasters Twitter account, the new podcast launched with a trailer episode, presented by John Mueller, Martin Splitt and Gary Illyes, three prominent names in Google’s efforts to liaise with the SEO and marketing community.

Called Search Off the Record, the new podcast will see Google Search’s team members explaining “the stuff that we do that’s not documented”, explained Mueller in the launch trailer.

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, Illyes explains that marketers should listen to the podcast “because we have information that you don’t have.”

Google hasn’t provided any information on when it expects the first episode to be published, however, listeners can subscribe to the series now using podcast platforms.

You can find the launch trailer here: Google Search Off the Record.