Provider of virutal IBANs, Monneo has announced its sponsorship of the TES Affiliate Conference, hosted virtually and in Marbella, Spain.

Speaking earlier this month to The Financial Marketeer, Monneo Managing Director, Lili Metodieva underlined the importance of conferences and events for the firm. “[Through the pandemic], we had to switch to different marketing channels and activities to move everything online, although I still believe the personal contact with clients is the most important thing.”

As the main presenting sponsor, Monneo will host a garden room in the grounds of the resort, as well as providing lanyards and badges to all visitors attending the event in-person.

The TES Affiliate Conference is the first international hybrid event of its kind, taking place on-line and in-person, and will aim to welcome media buyers, advertisers and publishers from the online entertainment industry.

The event is expected to attract 200 exhibitors, 125 speakers and 4,000 delegates both online and in-person when it runs between 2nd and 5th July.

Speaking via the announcement, Lili Metodieva said, “Those in the industry, like so many others across the world, have missed out on important networking opportunities and we look forward to meeting attendees in-person, alongside those online.

“This is the first time we have sponsored TES Affiliate Conference and look forward to further opportunities in Prague in September when we hope many more people will be able to attend in person.”

Analysis – the re-rise of events as a marketing channel?

Earlier this month, The Financial Marketeer interviewed Monneo’s Lili Metodieva in a podcast that will be launched soon. In the interview, Lili highlighted the importance of in-person events as an element of her firm’s marketing mix.

The slow easing of global restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic is sure to see a rise in the popularty of in-person events and with that comes the opportunity for sponsors.

Expect to see firms assessing these growing events as the perfect opportunity to announce their return to business after the pandemic.