63% of senior marketers surveyed have said that the importance of SEO will grow ‘slightly’ (34%) or ‘steeply’ (29%) following the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The survey carried out by the platform provider, Conductor spoke to 317 marketers from across a range of sectors, including financial services.

Only 5% of marketers responded as saying the importance of SEO will go down.

Meanwhile, 45% of respondents suggested that marketing budgets will be decreased in response to the virus outbreak whilst just over one-third (36%) suggested budgets will either stay the same or increase.

When asked which marketing channels were the marketer’s top performers in 2019, search dominated with 66% citing SEO and 50% also picking out paid search ahead of other forms of marketing.

The survey results come after news that demand in online search is increasing for key financial services following the news of COVID-19.


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